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March 8, 2024/

“Poker High-Low” challenges your intuition and eyesight, as you continuously guess the next card’s value and watch your bonus multiplier skyrocket! Fair gameplay guaranteed, as you can verify the results of each round. The popular card game Hilo has been given a new lease of life thanks to the Jili…


March 8, 2024/

Rapidly stacking odds, exciting challenges – this is another form of minesweeper game!The lower the probability in each level, the more money you win! In self-selected risk, decide your own winning strategy!Fairness and impartiality! You can verify the results of each round through the seeds of both parties. Exciting challenges…


March 8, 2024/

Multiple coins are waiting for you to dig, Mines game with super high magnification and optional risks is hereThe more coins you dig out, the more money you get, try to avoid the bombs and dig out all the coins!Choose the number of mines for a fair game that meets…

Go Rush

March 8, 2024/

Take a rocket to explore the unknown universe and match strategies to earn bonuses, low risk or high bonuses as you like, operate in hand, receive half of the bonus halfway or open two bets, at any time you can use strategies to reduce and increase the probability of winning…


March 8, 2024/

A rocket soaring to the end of space. Low multiplier increases winning probability, high multiplier increases winning amount, everything is under your control.When the rocket flies far enough, you can receive extra rewards. Come and challenge yourself!Fair game! You can verify the result of each round. Limbo by Jili Games…


March 8, 2024/

The fast-paced instant win roulette is now available! Simply choose one of three symbols to place your bet and win rewards! Switch to the risk mode for a chance to win high-yield rewards! Trigger a re-spin or two special rewards.Fairness and impartiality! You can verify the results of each round…

Mines Gold

March 8, 2024/

Multiple gold mines are waiting for you to dig, Mines Gold with super high magnification and optional risks is hereThe more gold mines you dig out, the more money you earn, and the more chances you have to dig out gold mines with bonusesChoose the number of mines for a…


March 8, 2024/

The fast version of the classic lottery – Keno is here!Within a grid of 40 numbers, you can freely determine your own odds by choosing the number of bets and the associated risks.Collect three lucky numbers and you’ll have a chance to draw a cash prize and win big!Fairness and…


March 8, 2024/

Simple and fast ball drop game!The size of the board and the ups and downs of the game can be freely controlled, and you can set the odds that suit you!Fair game! You can verify the results of each game. If you are looking for a break from gorgeous graphics,…

Color Prediction

March 8, 2024/

Color Prediction Game: Through meticulous and extensive calculations, we have predicted the upcoming prize combinations. There are three colors and ten numbers for you to freely choose and place bets on to win prizes. Fair and just! You can verify the result of each round using a seed.zzzzzzzz Color Prediction…

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