Reel in Thrills: Fishing Fun Awaits!

Whether you’re an experienced fisher or new to the concept, our games offer an interactive and enjoyable experience. With a variety of fish to catch, strategies to employ, and rewards to reap, the thrill of the catch is just a cast away.


JILI's fishing games


What kind of secrets and treasures are hidden in the mysterious tomb? What are you waiting for? come...


Freely adjust the position of the smashed version and develop your own mobile strategy!Adjust risk...

Ocean King Jackpot

Rock Skeleton and Vampire is a fish machine game suitable for HalloweenIn addition to the Rock...

Mega Fishing

The dreamy Giant Prize Fish lets you easily win great prizes, with the chance for 5x multipliers...

Jackpot Fishing

“Jackpot Fishing – Super prizes right in front of you!”Wide range of fish species...

Happy Fishing

The underwater world is super smooth and joyful, with special fish of various functions sweeping...

Dragon Treasure

Jiangnan proverb: Find a dragon pearl is better than planting 24 acre of mandarin oranges, which...

Dragon Fortune

Launching the all-new Flying Dragon themed fish arcade, the original portrait version of the...

Dinosaur Tycoon II

3D dragon hunting scenes, exquisite and fun pictures, gorgeous performances of various dragon kings...

Dinosaur Tycoon

The game is easy to control and fun, play with the 3D dragon hunting scene that makes the gameplay...

Crazy Pusher

Players can place the ball anywhere. push the ball through another ball and gain a prize when the...

Crazy Hunter

Dive into the thrilling world of monster shooting, where you call the shots and unravel the secrets...

Boom Legend

“Octopus rage accumulated to win Super Reward that makes you RICH!”The most special...

Bombing Fish

Welcome to the thrilling underwater world of Bombing Fish! Immerse yourself in the ultimate fishing...

All-Star Fishing

For the first time, the original star BOSSES are assembled, and the big multiplier BOSS is no longer...

Fishing game, an extremely addictive gameplay

Fishing game, with extremely addictive gameplay. It is a shooting game of catching fish with weapons. In the game, players will search of the ocean for fish to shoot, the gameplay is very simple, players just need to use the mouse or finger to move the gun pointer to aim at a variety of different underwater creatures, and then left click on them. After selecting all kinds of weapons, you can match different combinations of guns to shoot different marine organisms by choosing different attack methods and patterns! Players can control their character to move and shoot at the target fishes. It is made up of beautiful interface and scene, realistic physical collision and smooth background music which give player a new feeling.

Play fishing game with JILI

JILI have 20 years of history in the fishinf game development industry. With rich systems and experience, we can easily develop different types of arcade shooting games, using HTML5 technology to support ios, Android, Windows and other mobile devices, players can enjoy the fun of hunting in the deep sea anytime and anywhere. We specialize in customizing unique hunting games, allowing our partners to become a leader in the fish hunting industry.

Unparalleled fishing gaming experience at JILI

JILI world-class platform offers an unrivalled fishing gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy our games with the very best in ease, simplicity and accessibility and on any device of their choosing – from desktop computer to mobile & tablet. With greater control than ever before within your own secure platform, you are free to manage your operations however you like, whenever you like.

Whimsical Visuals

Step into an enchanting aquatic realm filled with vibrant colors, charming sea creatures, and mesmerizing underwater landscapes. Our fishing games boast stunning graphics that transport you to an immersive world beneath the waves.

Skill and Strategy

Unlike traditional luck-based casino games, jili games involve an element of skill and strategy. Players must aim their virtual cannons at various fish and sea creatures to earn points and rewards. The ability to target specific creatures and adjust your aim adds an exciting layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Intuitive Gameplay

The gameplay is designed to be accessible and engaging for players of all levels. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, our fish shooting games offer straightforward mechanics that ensure an enjoyable experience.

Progressive Rewards

As you take down fish and accumulate points, you’ll have the chance to unlock various rewards and bonuses. Some games even offer the opportunity to win bigger prizes by targeting special, rare, or high-value fish.

JILI- A leading casino software developer

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