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Happy Fishing

March 7, 2024/

The underwater world is super smooth and joyful, with special fish of various functions sweeping through the fishing grounds. You also stand the chance to get the Gem Turtle with 8x Super Prize! Kill the Mega Octopus to get the bonus reel. The reel can be further evolved into a…


March 7, 2024/

What kind of secrets and treasures are hidden in the mysterious tomb? What are you waiting for? come and explore the treasure! Just knock or break the slate to let the treasure chest land to get the bonus. There is a chance to get additional bonus multiplier or to enter…

Dragon Treasure

March 7, 2024/

Jiangnan proverb: Find a dragon pearl is better than planting 24 acre of mandarin oranges, which shows how valuable the dragon pearl is!Dragon pearls are formed by absorbing the essence of the dragon’s spirit, which is rich in amazing energy and wealth, with a variety of different dragon soul effect…

Mega Fishing

March 7, 2024/

The dreamy Giant Prize Fish lets you easily win great prizes, with the chance for 5x multipliers Mysterious kings of the deep sea, Giant Anglerfish can shoot electricity to open treasure chests, giant crocodiles awaken to hunt fish on the fish farm to accumulate big prizes! There is also a…

Dragon Fortune

March 7, 2024/

Launching the all-new Flying Dragon themed fish arcade, the original portrait version of the scrolling screen, with Special Treasure Dragons to win great prizes and can collect crystals to get the grand prize!Kill the Underworld Dragon and win the prize! The Sky Dragon sweeps across relics and treasures and gives…

Jackpot Fishing

March 7, 2024/

“Jackpot Fishing – Super prizes right in front of you!”Wide range of fish species that comes with their own prizes, target and lockdown to get rich quick! High odds species appears anytime and anywhere with random extra 5x multipliers after captured! Ready to get rich overnight! Welcome to the…

Boom Legend

March 7, 2024/

“Octopus rage accumulated to win Super Reward that makes you RICH!”The most special Fishing game includes Cyclops, Viking and Goblin, various of BOSS there are brings BIG WIN !Crocodile brings Jackpot to you! Are you ready to try one of the most interesting games you have ever played? We warn…

All-Star Fishing

March 7, 2024/

For the first time, the original star BOSSES are assembled, and the big multiplier BOSS is no longer unattainable.Exclusive hook and claw to catch high star fish, special high multiplier of 999X.Interactive Boss, The more you click on the screen, the higher the multiplier will be, and the more you…

Dinosaur Tycoon

March 7, 2024/

The game is easy to control and fun, play with the 3D dragon hunting scene that makes the gameplay all the more immersive. The thrilling animation of capturing your target and the satisfying experience to hunt down dragons will make you a dragon hunter of the new generation. The heavy…

Bombing Fish

March 7, 2024/

Welcome to the thrilling underwater world of Bombing Fish! Immerse yourself in the ultimate fishing adventure where strategic gameplay meets explosive action. In this captivating game, you’ll encounter a dynamic fishing experience with two types of bullets. One targets the fishes on the first layer, while the other aims for…

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